Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yahoo - A Gift from the Patchwork Dress!

A Little Soul Mate Came to Stay

Caireen at the Patchwork Dress made these lovelies.
Above you see the picture taken in Scotland.

And Whoopie, look who came by ROYAL MAIL to live in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont! And ... a Patchwork Dress card, a lovely pouch, a bead key ring, pearl sequins and pretty ribbons for my dollies. Thank you, Caireen! This is a real treasure, and the very FIRST present I ever got in the mail. I was so excited opening the package, and Mr. Diabetes ate the candy first thing! What is a wife to do? Anyway, I'm a happy camper. Next week I will post off a little something to Scotland and I'll only tell you that it is PINK . . .

My "Patchwork Dress" soul mate bird!

The Patchwork Dress Etsy Shoppe is the place to visit for gorgeous cards:

Like these! Caireen calls this batch "Secret Garden."

If you look at my swap picture you will see the card that Caireen made and sent to me. It is so perfect, a sweet kitten surrounded by poetry written in Scotland. Caireen makes geo-friendly cards out of recycled pictures and paper, but I would never know if she hadn't said so. I wish I knew how she makes them so professional, I'd love to know the secret!

"Wee" elephants made exclusively by Caireen! Isn't this too cute?

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