Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rag Doll

Hello everybody!

Look who is new kid on the block . . . Emma the rag doll, just finished today.

She is a real rag doll . . . yesterday I was so overwhelmed with all my UFO's I just sat down on the studio floor and started picking up my trillions of scraps. Then I started tying the tiny rags together until I had a length about 24 inches and absent-minded as usual just started braiding three strips together. I made a braid, then two, then three. As usual I stared at these braids wondering if they would be of any use? Doll Hair! It just hit me . . .

Here is Emma's backside and you can see her rag hair.

I made a simple little pattern for her out of an ordinary sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper and rounded the top of the paper for her head. The strips of her body were from one of my zillions of UFO quilt patches. I added arms and legs made out of rectangles of fabric in proportion to her body. Before I sewed the 4 arm pieces and 4 leg pieces together I stitched on pink felt hands and black felt shoes.

If you like Emma's little face you can click here for a cute tutorial on how to draw a Dolly Dingle. I wish you all happiness and lots of sewing pleasure . . . everyone should have a rag doll . . . why not have fun making your own!

Rag doll Emma will be looking for a new home on November 17th at the 25th Annual Malden High School Craft Fair. Malden, Massachusetts is just a hop-skip-jump from Boston. I'd love to see some of you Boston Etsy Handmade ladies when I'm in town! If you get a chance come by my booth and say hi to Dolly Dilettante!

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