Monday, October 22, 2007

Walk Around the Block

This is for you, Donna, per request! Sunday was a glorious day here in Vermont to take pictures so here are a few photos of me and my favorite places in town, most within a walk around my block! Here I am at Springfield College where I graduated in 2005 at age 55, but I did it! I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services.

The PROOF!!! I'm on the right.

Sunday at Maple Grove, the maple syrup factory.

The view of my street from the top of the hill.

View from my back porch.

Garden and fountain around the block.

Main Street, at the top of my hill.

The St. Johnsbury House retirement home on Main Street where I spend time volunteering, sometimes in the kitchen and often for the "Good Living Senior Center," where I update the website every month, and just plain have fun visiting.

The Library on Main Street called "The Anthenaeum."

The courthouse lawn across the street.

The Elks Lodge around the corner.

The Fairbanks Museum at the top of my hill.

Beautiful and peaceful, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

A beautiful farm carved on a gravestone.

This is an amazing place to take a walk in this beautiful weather.

The hydrangea glows in the sun.

The back lane to walk home - a wonderful day and a break from my sewing routine!

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