Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dolly Surprise from Germany

This little Miss lives in Germany but she looks like a long lost cousin to the Dolly Dilettante family! Imagine my delight when my new blogging friend Aleinung posted this adorable picture of the latest member of her cute, cute, cute doll family! Wow, surprises never cease . . .

Well, Aleinung, greetings from your dollie's big brother in America. He sends you both lots of lollypop hugs!

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aleinung said...

wwwooowww, now I`m still laughing here ;-))). what a surprise - thank you.


Katy said...

Meg, how cute is his shirt?!
Your craft fair looks like a complete success - what a lovely sunny day!
I had begun to wonder where you were hiding, then I realised you were preparing that amazing stall - great job!!!!

Sally Anne said...

What cute little dolls...are those John Deere tractors on his shirt?

Meg said...

Hi Sally Anne, Yes, he's my little John Deere boy. The back of his shirt says John Deere!