Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All About Pollyanna

Today I went to Littleton, New Hampshire, the closest place to go shopping, about 20 miles. I stopped at Porfido's and noticed the statue next door on the library lawn.

Here she is! Pollyanna.

Out of curiosity about the statue I did a little investigating inside the library. Eleanor Porter, born in Littleton (1868-1920), wrote "Pollyanna," the American childrens' classic.

In an interview Mrs. Porter said, "I have been made to suffer from the Pollyanna books, I have been placed often in a false light. People have thought that Pollyanna chirped that she was 'glad at everything.' I have never believed that we ought to deny discomfort and pain and evil. I have merely thought that it is far better to greet the unknown with a smile.

Pollyanna was adapted for Broadway in a production starring Helen Hayes in 1916 and then into a motion picture starring Mary Pickford (America's Sweetheart) in 1920. The 1960 Disney version made a star of Hayley Mills and is still popular today.

Pollyanna, the "sunniest and most delightful of optimists."

From 1913 to present over 1,000, 000 hardbound copies have been sold.


Annie said...

Oh Meg, what a great post. I was brought up with the Pollyanna theory and it was drummed into me to the point of dreading it when my mother said it each time "Be a Pollyanna!" It is a great family joke in our house. Recently I have read the book with my young daughter and my sister gave her a beautiful crystal to hang in her window. PIF in transit!!

odd dotty said...

I love Pollyanna!! I wish I could look at adversity and life with as much optimism as she does. And, honeslty and a little ashamedly, I didn't know it was originally a book. Now I must find it and read it with/to my daughter.

Sally Anne said...

Oh Meg I have always loved Pollyanna, and especially loved the Hayley Mills version of the film.But how weird that we should both be blogging about libabries.....we are definitely on the same wavelength.!

Angela said...

Meg, So glad you found me through Boston Handmade. I grew up in Vermont and my great-grandparents were from Littleton, NH--- such a small world! Best of luck in Malden; I will be preparing for another show but you should try to touch base with the Boston Handmade group!

Jodie said...

Hi Meg, I must try a little more pollyanna ishness I think -
Are you a pollyanna type person?
I just ahve to say thanks again for your little walk about. I think, if you don't mind I may do the same at some time - it has made you seem more real if that makes sense- now i can imagine where you live.
At long last your PIF is posted !

Katy said...

I don't know about Pollyanna, but now I am intrigued!!!! And HOW MANY PUMPKINS ARE OUTSIDE THAT STORE!!!!????? Wow!

Anonymous said...

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