Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rag Doll

Hello everybody!

Look who is new kid on the block . . . Emma the rag doll, just finished today.

She is a real rag doll . . . yesterday I was so overwhelmed with all my UFO's I just sat down on the studio floor and started picking up my trillions of scraps. Then I started tying the tiny rags together until I had a length about 24 inches and absent-minded as usual just started braiding three strips together. I made a braid, then two, then three. As usual I stared at these braids wondering if they would be of any use? Doll Hair! It just hit me . . .

Here is Emma's backside and you can see her rag hair.

I made a simple little pattern for her out of an ordinary sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper and rounded the top of the paper for her head. The strips of her body were from one of my zillions of UFO quilt patches. I added arms and legs made out of rectangles of fabric in proportion to her body. Before I sewed the 4 arm pieces and 4 leg pieces together I stitched on pink felt hands and black felt shoes.

If you like Emma's little face you can click here for a cute tutorial on how to draw a Dolly Dingle. I wish you all happiness and lots of sewing pleasure . . . everyone should have a rag doll . . . why not have fun making your own!

Rag doll Emma will be looking for a new home on November 17th at the 25th Annual Malden High School Craft Fair. Malden, Massachusetts is just a hop-skip-jump from Boston. I'd love to see some of you Boston Etsy Handmade ladies when I'm in town! If you get a chance come by my booth and say hi to Dolly Dilettante!

Monday, October 29, 2007

More Apron News!

I know, I know, it isn't even Halloween yet, but I am so in the spirit of Christmas this year! And I didn't make these two divine aprons, they were made by Heavenly Hostess and can be seen by:

visiting the Apronista blog.There you can see more aprons and you will find a free holiday giveaway apron, and it's very special. So click here and enter the draw . . . you've got nothing to lose and a gorgeous apron to gain!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Apron News

The new apron - I have been busy! I have now switched gears for Christmas. Dolly Dilettante is knocking herself out making dollie Christmas trees, Christmas crowns, sweet pinafores, bibs, dolls, more checkbooks covers, quilties, decoupage Victorian boxes and lavender sachet hearts.

I can't keep up with myself . . . sewing up a storm in the hills of Vermont . . .

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All About Pollyanna

Today I went to Littleton, New Hampshire, the closest place to go shopping, about 20 miles. I stopped at Porfido's and noticed the statue next door on the library lawn.

Here she is! Pollyanna.

Out of curiosity about the statue I did a little investigating inside the library. Eleanor Porter, born in Littleton (1868-1920), wrote "Pollyanna," the American childrens' classic.

In an interview Mrs. Porter said, "I have been made to suffer from the Pollyanna books, I have been placed often in a false light. People have thought that Pollyanna chirped that she was 'glad at everything.' I have never believed that we ought to deny discomfort and pain and evil. I have merely thought that it is far better to greet the unknown with a smile.

Pollyanna was adapted for Broadway in a production starring Helen Hayes in 1916 and then into a motion picture starring Mary Pickford (America's Sweetheart) in 1920. The 1960 Disney version made a star of Hayley Mills and is still popular today.

Pollyanna, the "sunniest and most delightful of optimists."

From 1913 to present over 1,000, 000 hardbound copies have been sold.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Walk Around the Block

This is for you, Donna, per request! Sunday was a glorious day here in Vermont to take pictures so here are a few photos of me and my favorite places in town, most within a walk around my block! Here I am at Springfield College where I graduated in 2005 at age 55, but I did it! I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services.

The PROOF!!! I'm on the right.

Sunday at Maple Grove, the maple syrup factory.

The view of my street from the top of the hill.

View from my back porch.

Garden and fountain around the block.

Main Street, at the top of my hill.

The St. Johnsbury House retirement home on Main Street where I spend time volunteering, sometimes in the kitchen and often for the "Good Living Senior Center," where I update the website every month, and just plain have fun visiting.

The Library on Main Street called "The Anthenaeum."

The courthouse lawn across the street.

The Elks Lodge around the corner.

The Fairbanks Museum at the top of my hill.

Beautiful and peaceful, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

A beautiful farm carved on a gravestone.

This is an amazing place to take a walk in this beautiful weather.

The hydrangea glows in the sun.

The back lane to walk home - a wonderful day and a break from my sewing routine!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A New Doll

Meet Big Sister.

I have been working on her bit by bit and thought you might like to see a few pics of her as I go along. I embroidered her face a little differently than the directions because I like to do my own thing.

1947 Simplicity pattern. Note the price, 15 cents!

I decided that I wanted a long sleeved dress so I chose this 1989 Vogue pattern.

This is the bodice piece, not finished. I love the Peter Pan collar. The fabric is special too. I paid $15 for a small piece of beautiful red vintage feedsack printed with bows and flowers.

Unfinished shoes. I'm still experimenting with shoes. These are imitation leather and I want to use real leather. The shoes are partially lined with red antique satin, and the insteps will be padded red satin when I finish. I had my eye on an old wide red belt I've had for ages, but it is too small. Big Sister has huge feet, because she is 32 inches tall and also wears a size 1 toddler dress. I made her socks today, they are blue and white striped soft jersey.

More pictures coming as we move along.

Happy Sewing

Yahoo - A Gift from the Patchwork Dress!

A Little Soul Mate Came to Stay

Caireen at the Patchwork Dress made these lovelies.
Above you see the picture taken in Scotland.

And Whoopie, look who came by ROYAL MAIL to live in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont! And ... a Patchwork Dress card, a lovely pouch, a bead key ring, pearl sequins and pretty ribbons for my dollies. Thank you, Caireen! This is a real treasure, and the very FIRST present I ever got in the mail. I was so excited opening the package, and Mr. Diabetes ate the candy first thing! What is a wife to do? Anyway, I'm a happy camper. Next week I will post off a little something to Scotland and I'll only tell you that it is PINK . . .

My "Patchwork Dress" soul mate bird!

The Patchwork Dress Etsy Shoppe is the place to visit for gorgeous cards:

Like these! Caireen calls this batch "Secret Garden."

If you look at my swap picture you will see the card that Caireen made and sent to me. It is so perfect, a sweet kitten surrounded by poetry written in Scotland. Caireen makes geo-friendly cards out of recycled pictures and paper, but I would never know if she hadn't said so. I wish I knew how she makes them so professional, I'd love to know the secret!

"Wee" elephants made exclusively by Caireen! Isn't this too cute?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dolly Surprise from Germany

This little Miss lives in Germany but she looks like a long lost cousin to the Dolly Dilettante family! Imagine my delight when my new blogging friend Aleinung posted this adorable picture of the latest member of her cute, cute, cute doll family! Wow, surprises never cease . . .

Well, Aleinung, greetings from your dollie's big brother in America. He sends you both lots of lollypop hugs!

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