Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sunday at the Craft Festival

"Autumn on the Green" in Danville, Vermont

Janice and Rick helping with the canopy tent!

Dolly Dilettante Booth

Here I am, "Hi everyone!"

A little stranger picking up 40 pounds!

Just a peek at Dick, my husband, in the blue shirt.

Meg and friends, Sophia and Athena

No rain! What a blessing!

I made the bunting last week and was very happy with it.

Just across from my booth, mmm yummy fried dough!

There was a big crowd, over 3,000 people!

Folk music, square dancing, and an Irish orchestra . . . wonderful music!

A Danville lady and her little friend!

Sunday was a perfect day!


Donna said...

What a beautiful park - the gazebo looks fantasic, the autumn trees look wonderful and all set off by the prettiest bunting. I put on 5 pounds just looking at the fried dough stand. That is unless of course they are lo-cal. (I'm assuming they are much like donuts????) Nice work Meg I hope it was a successful day.

Sally Anne said...

Wow Meg, your booth looked SO GOOD ! I really loved the bunting, it was perfect. The pictures made me feel I was there experiencing it all with you...thankyou and well done on all that hard work producing the goodies to sell.

vintage twist said...

Your booth looked wonderful hope you made lots of sales.

Ruth Welter said...

Meg, looks like you had all kinds of goodies in your booth. A beautiful day, at a fun event. I hope you did well and managed to enjoy yourself in the process.

Felicia said...

What a wonderful craft fair :)

Jody said...

Your booth looks beautiful, and so full! Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing them.