Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

View from my kitchen window

I picked my last black-eyed susan today.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Great Idea - A Contest

Calling all lovely ladies (and gents) who sew! Will you help me increase my hits? Today I have a whopping 3 hits on my counter. I am very grateful for the bloggers who have found Dolly Dilettante and I relish their faithful comments and encouragement. I am a lucky person to be on a couple of sites who list me in their favorites section.

Dear Reader, if you will put my site in your favorites and ask one wonderful creative sewing friend to do the same, I will send you a picture of me (autographed), or my house, or my
truck . . .

But seriously, how about this:

I will send both you and your friend who links to me, each your own brand new copy of Martha Stewart's latest book, The Martha Rules, a book full of Great Ideas about how to grow your own business. And you will receive the jazzy box of cookies in the picture; don't know how good the cookies are but the box is keen . . . And I will make you a Dolly Dilettante book bag to carry your book in!

Because I have only two books to offer the winning team I will have a drawing. Email me if you and your friend link to and I will put your names together in a hat. On Saturday, September 15 the lucky winning team will be drawn out of the hat and I will announce the winners on my blog Saturday night.

Does it sound like fun? Give it a go! Be so kind as to leave me a comment here . . .

Happy Sewing from Meg

Peek at my Embroideries

Indian girl doorstop I embroidered and sewed onto a brick. I made my own pattern to cover the brick and made several of these. I can dig out the pattern sometime if you would like a simple tutorial.

Next project - embroidered days of the week kitchen towels

Annie embroidery on a child's apron to sell at the market

Buttons 'n Beads

My Button box

I collect beads

End of Summer 2007

Time for Mom to go home to Massachusetts. I tell her, "Meg's summer camp is over for another year." But it is sad to say goodbye to Mom and to summer. I will miss you both. See the little sweetheart Mom made for me as a parting gift! Too adorable! I think this is a beautiful pic of Dorothy at 87 and I am sure Dad is watching from heaven. You would never know what courage she has as she struggles with deafness, very bad eyesight and diabetes. I don't know how she does all she does . . . I am proud of my mother.

Embroidery Problem Solved

My new mountain of embroidery cotton, so pretty before it gets tangled up! There is simply nowhere near my home anymore for me to buy DMC and the only supplier is discontinuing the business. I bit the bullet and bought 2 or 3 of every color that was left. It is beautiful to look at and I have never before had such a choice of colors. Oh dear, decisions, decisions, decisions.


Meg The Bag Lady!

How do you like this bag? It sings to me.

I bought these yesterday to package my baby bibs.

These red bags are going to hold dolls that I am making.


Yummy Cupcakes

It seems to me that lot's of crafters are sewing cupcake themes now and I think cupcakes are charming. I intend to embroider some myself soon. In the meantime I indulge myself with paper products. I have discovered the magical world of paper bags and boxes. Some of them are sooo cute, and some are even art; so I have begun a petite collection.

Fabric Delights

The red stash

I love to shop until I drop. These will be book bags and aprons.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Yellow Apron

Not finished yet but you get to see it first. Lined with gingham, gingham embroidered pocket, 100% cotton, woman's size medium. I have so much fun making little aprons, I believe I am getting addicted to it!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Australian Gals

I am "Sew in Love"
with Australia

Jodie Ballarat

Donna, New South Wales

Louise, Melborne

Jenny, Tasmania

Annie, Ballarat

Cathy, Melborne

Thursday, August 23, 2007

If At First You Don't Succeed

Ooops, my comments button was turned off. I would be the loneliest blogger in the world if not for dear Jodie

YES, please leave me comments. I adore hearing from you, and it makes my day. And thanks for Jodie coming to the rescue and telling me so diplomatically. It's not always easy pointing out the obvious to someone . . . reminds me of the day I had the courage to tell my friend Olivia that her hair was turning green. I have to admit it did take a me a week or two to tell her . . .

I was hoping to have some lovely pictures of my latest creative stuff to show you, but had to frantically rush them to the shop. I get myself into a dither sewing like a crazy woman. This week I made two lavender pillows, a patchwork tote bag, a bunny softie, and an adorable vintage feed sack apron. Curses, I forgot to photograph them. Alas, no pretty pics. I promise I'll make it up to you next week. Am I forgiven?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Sewing from Dolly Dilettante

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Greetings from Dolly Dilettante

Wondering about Dolly Dilettante? Here is the definition from Webster's:

  1. A dabbler in an art or a field of knowledge.
  2. A lover of the fine arts; a connoisseur.
  3. From the Latin delectare; to delight.

The human pincushion - that's me! Log cabin patchwork quiltie I made Dick for Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Embroidery Projects

I have been working today on these embroideries that are for a nearby inn. They will be boudoir sachet pillows filled with lavender. I have some lavender grown by my friends Vickie and Susan in their gardens.
The theme is, as you can see, rabbits! They will be in the gift shop here.

I lost track of time and the sun was setting in the mountains when I remembered to take pictures of my day's embroidery. Will post some finished pics tomorrow. Oh yes, and the madras bunny I made this week.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Thrifty Finds


A georgeous big blue teapot.

Am I out of my mind? I drink coffee for heaven's sake.
Ride em cowboy! Great fabric for a boy.
A handmade thingamajig to hang in my studio. I love the bright color and the hummingbirds.
An ugly orange apron.
I love it, I love it, I love my new nightlight teapot.
Another pic of my inchie that still fascinates me. Why do people make them, I wonder. I first saw them a few months ago on Judy Scott's blog (click on my favorite blog sites to view Judy's inchies.) Maybe it is a "Scotland" thing to do. I dunno. What do you do with them? Beats me. I just had to make one. Monkey see, Monkey do.