Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Great Idea - A Contest

Calling all lovely ladies (and gents) who sew! Will you help me increase my hits? Today I have a whopping 3 hits on my counter. I am very grateful for the bloggers who have found Dolly Dilettante and I relish their faithful comments and encouragement. I am a lucky person to be on a couple of sites who list me in their favorites section.

Dear Reader, if you will put my site in your favorites and ask one wonderful creative sewing friend to do the same, I will send you a picture of me (autographed), or my house, or my
truck . . .

But seriously, how about this:

I will send both you and your friend who links to me, each your own brand new copy of Martha Stewart's latest book, The Martha Rules, a book full of Great Ideas about how to grow your own business. And you will receive the jazzy box of cookies in the picture; don't know how good the cookies are but the box is keen . . . And I will make you a Dolly Dilettante book bag to carry your book in!

Because I have only two books to offer the winning team I will have a drawing. Email me if you and your friend link to http://dollydilettante.blogspot.com and I will put your names together in a hat. On Saturday, September 15 the lucky winning team will be drawn out of the hat and I will announce the winners on my blog Saturday night.

Does it sound like fun? Give it a go! Be so kind as to leave me a comment here . . .

Happy Sewing from Meg

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