Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Studio

"Old Dolls" shelf is my pride and joy. Today it holds my teapots, tomorrow it might hold my vintage dolls, or potpourri from my garden. Isn't it great for Dolly Dilettante? A friend came across it at a yard sale this summer, thinking of me the minute he saw the shelf. Maybe I am the "old doll." I hope so, gee, never thought of that before. Okay, so he knew I would love it, eat it up, shreek and go nuts. Of course I did.

I am on the third floor of my house in an attic apartment, very romantic you know . . . the artist in the attic and all that. I moved my stuff upstairs in June and yes, I've lost weight running up and down the stairs 2o times a day. It's great. Really, it is so cozy and cheerful I could stay there all day, except for the telephone. My dream has come true. After years of answering phones as a full time professional secretary . . . I do not want a telephone in my studio! All is well, and all manner of things are well, peaceful and serene. Life is good. Thank you, Lord.

Now, welcome to the Dolly Dilettante Studio. Come right on in . . .

My grandkids think of the studio as one great big dollhouse, and it is.

This is the front room that will be my show-room. I painted it a sunny yellow called summer camp and it is bright and cheerful. Yellow is my favorite color and, by the way, it was first lady Dolly Madison's too, way back in history. I would paint everything in sight yellow, you know; even my house is yellow outside. I love yellow.

Here's the pillow made especially for me by Mom. It is a picture of my house before I painted it you know what. Check out the big birdie in the little tree! Here is my Mom in the new studio happily knitting a sweet little teddy bear she designed. She just finished a pink teddy with a cute embroidered face and sporting a lovely pink knitted purse.

Mom lives a "block from the rock," that is, Plymouth rock in Massachusetts where the Pilgrims first stepped foot in the New World. She gets to see the ocean every day from her place, and I miss that sometimes, but Vermont does have beautiful lakes and streams.

This is my precious painting given to me by the artist, Nick Piliero. I adore his vibrant colors.

Miss Big Eyes likes to look at Nick's painting all day long.
Daisy, the studio cow with her baby. Two hundred years ago there were more cows in Vermont than people!
There was an Old Man who said,"How
Shall I flee from this horrible Cow?
I will sit on this stile,
And continue to smile,
Which may soften the heart of that Cow."
Edward Lear
I had a lucky find at the local thrift store. this week . . . a stand for my aprons. Isn't that cool? For Two Dollars! It is going to come in handy when I start to go to markets and fairs during Autumn Foliage season, plus I am running out of display room in the studio.

Another thrifty find, a dollhouse shelf. Originally it was a dull green with a red roof, it reminded me of Christmas. Dick, my husband and official painter, did a super job with my colors pink, light turquoise, and yellow. I added vintage wrapping paper to the back of each cubicle and Dick put cup hooks underneath for the necklaces I make.

Tom, Tom, the piper's son

Stole a pig and away he run

I found the duckie hamper at the dollar store and he will be used to carry my dollies and quilties to market. He is very light weight, carries a TON of stuff, and folds flat for storage. I couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meg, Youcouldn't be more of a blog dummy than me. This is the first blog I've ever looked at so I don't know if you'll even get this message.

Anonymous said...

This is quite a site!!! I can't wait to see everything you've made!! Love,

Dees said...

Love your studio Meg!!!