Saturday, August 4, 2007

I am a blog dummy!

Eeks! I am a blog dummy, really. I am into day 3 of learning the hard way how to post because after one marathon all-nighter and an hour or three or five later Dolly Dilettante still baffles me. Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be? I am hopelessly old fashioned, like my little friend in the picture. (Isn't she sweet with her little hair bob and dolly?) Dear friends, please leave me some helpful comments and hints.

I love old patterns. Stay tuned for my new doll from a vintage 1947 pattern.


Judy Scott said...

Hi Meg ~ thankyou for your lovely comments!! Your blog looks lovely, the best way to learn is as you go ~ I learned by making mistakes Ha! lots of them. This new blogger that we have now is so sooooo easy though compared to the last one. Just do a little at a time and enjoy ~ you'll soon build up contacts, I started with zero and now I have lots of www friends. Yahoo has good groups for crafts if you want to meet people that way too. All the very best with your Dolly Dilettante business and see you again ~ Judy

Dave still looking for his niche said...

Hi Meg, Im very impressed, proud,and envious of you. It all looks so professional. Im glad you have found a niche. I know you will be sucessful. Dave