Saturday, August 11, 2007

Guess What I Made Today!

I am dancing. I made an INCHIE! I feel like I invented fire! Can you imagine a grown woman with grey hair getting so excited about a bit of a scrap one inch square? I might just calm down for a moment and go take a picture of it for your viewing pleasure. I hope you don't keel over with joy when you see it, but you never know ... will show you my beauty tomorrow. Meggie

I lost my inchie . . . HERE! Something tells me you're not surprised.

I found my inchie, twenty-four hours later, what a relief. I can't take this stress.My inchie is a one inch patch with a mini doll button. This is the front.

This is the back.


Hi.... I'm Donna and said...

Hi Meg,
Love your stuff - you are a very creative lady. Did you get me email re the PIF you posted on my Blog?? Let me know your address via email or leave a comment on my latest post and I will email you again. By the way what is an 'inchie'? and for your info
OP-SHOPPING is the Australian equivalent of 'Thrifting'. They're known as Opportunity shops or Op-Shops for short over here. Also known as 'Vinnies' short for St.Vincent de Paul. We just love shortening names over here - part of the culture!!! LOL!

Annie said...

Thanks for coming to see me in my Flower Garden. Glad you enjoy visiting and for sure you can add me to your favourites list. Also I will email you re:PIF. Me and my friends love to go Op Shopping on Saturday mornings after our stint at the Gym. That's what keeps us going, wondering what goodies we will find. I love your little sewing machine station under the roof.

weirdbunny said...

I love the top blue teapot !! Also your doll that you make are fantastic !

Judy said...

This inchie saga is a riot! Actually, I've been interested lately in making some inchies! You've inspired me to get going!