Monday, September 3, 2007

Tote Bags in Production

Halloween Bag Handles

Halloween Bag Lining

Like the little fellow in the picture, "I am just sew-sew-sew at present." That is, I am sewing day and night to be able to make some bags and aprons so that I can have a stall for the upcoming markets in September and October.

I am making Halloween cloth bags. My idea is to make them out of bandanas, the standard 100% cotton kind that have been around for years, well since my hippie days. I found them at Walmart and they have a great selection of red and pink owls, red and black with white skulls, orange and purple witches, and more! I am using my fabric stash to back and line the bags. Kids can go tricker-treating with them and they also are big enough to make natural fiber alternative shopping bags or autumn book totes.

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