Saturday, September 8, 2007

My colorful family.
We have green hair.
We have pink hair.
And we have red hair.

The gorgeous redheads are my real family:
Kerry, Kim, Rick and Nancy. Love you guys, Meg


Cathy said...

lovely to meet you all. You look like a very colourful family.

Jodie said...

Hi meg, I am convinced that you must never sleep - you seem to produce so much !!!
I need to ask if you have a favourite colour to wear ????
and I can't tell you why as i think I have just had a great idea (fingers crossed).

pink-petal-designs said...

love the green hair doll !!

Katy said...

The green haired doll is lovely (and so are your red headed family)

Annie said...

Love the dolls Meg, and nice to meet your family. Keep watching the post!

Donna said...

What a goooood loooooking family Meg. Gorgeous!

Karoeza said...

Hi Meg, thanks fot your message on my blog!
I love your dolls too. Especialy with the coloured hair. Have a good sale!

Erin_the_Strange said...

Hey! I just stumbled across your site, but I love your dolls! They're simple but unique. I love the strange colored hair! :) I actually sew dolls and stuffed animals too, and I was wondering if sewing supports you or if you do it part-time?